Anchor Team History

The Anchor Team was formed in November 2017 when the Islander Transition Center was merged with the Department of Undergraduate Studies. Two advising teams were created from the advisors within the Islander Transition Center: the Special Populations Team and Transfer Team. The Special Populations Team’s name was changed to the “Anchor Team” by the new Provost in March 2018. The initial members were Dr. Rachel Kirk, Bill Coari, Mandy Cortez, and Jacqueline Garza. On November 29, 2017, the initial Anchor Team meeting was held in Dr. Kirk’s office.

The Department of Undergraduate Studies underwent more restructuring in the spring of 2018, which led to the elimination of the position of Executive Director of Academic Advising and the merging of the Anchor Team and Transfer Team into one unit. This new team would be called the Anchor Team. In June, Dr. Rachel Kirk was named Program Manager of the Anchor Team. In August 2018, the formation of University College was announced and on September 1st, 2018, University College became Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi’s seventh college. Dr. Melissa Jarrell, the former chair of the Department of Undergraduate Studies, was named Dean of University College. The Anchor Team is housed within the Center for Orientation, Advising, for Students in Transition (COAST). This is one of three departments within University College; the other departments within University College are the Department of Undergraduate Studies and Honors.

The current Anchor Team:

Dr. Rachel Kirk                     Program Manager 
Bill Coari                              Academic Advisor III
Shannon Chambers              Academic Advisor II
Jessica Spahr                       Program Specialist II