Welcome back, Anchor Islanders! 

We looked forward to a successful Fall 2020 semester.  As we continue to navigate a world with COVID-19, we have made some changes in our student practices that you need to be aware of.  Students are seen by appointment only and the Anchor Team is not holding walk-in hours. Appointments will be either via phone or virtual (WebEx).  This is for the continued health and safety of everyone.

IF a student MUST be seen in person, the Anchor Team member will make arrangements to meet with the student in an alternate location (either our Faculty Center conference room or an outside area).  These are shared areas and it does takes time to book these spaces, so students must make an appointment with their Anchor Team member. Students will email the appropriate Anchor Team member and request a face to face meeting.  In the email, students will provide dates and times the student is available to meet, for the next three weeks.  The Anchor Team member will then attempt to coordinate his/her schedule with the student’s availability and the availability of the shared space.   Students need to understand that coordinating the student schedule, Anchor Team member schedule and schedule of alternate location may delay the availability of appointment time.  There are certain times of the year when many students try to book an appointment with an Anchor Team member.  Please keep in mind that most students want to meet with their Anchor Team member at the end of October, when the Spring schedules are released online.  It would be smart to plan and ahead and book a time with your Anchor Team member early!             

If a student MUST be seen in person, only the student will be allowed to attend the appointment.  If guests arrive with the student, they will be asked to wait either in the Anchor Suite Lobby (if there is enough room to maintain social distancing) or asked to find an alternate location to wait.  Again, this is for the health and safety of everyone involved.  Any student participating in a face to face meeting will always be required to maintain social distancing and wear a face covering.

You can make an appointment with the Anchor Team at the following link:


Your Anchor Team emails are:

Jessica Aleman (Spahr): jessica.spahr@tamucc.edu

Shannon Chambers: shannon.chambers@tamucc.edu

Bill Coari: william.cori@tamucc.edu


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!


Dr. Rachel Kirk

Program Manager, Anchor

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The Anchor Team coordinates and advises for the following programs; each program can be reached by email at their unique email address below.  In addition, please visit the programs webpage to learn more!

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS)

Islander Academy/ University Preparatory High School (UPHS)

Island Harbor

Program for System Admission (PSA)

University Studies (UNVS)

Viking Islander Program (VIP)

The Anchor Team is housed in the Center for Orientation, Advising and Students in Transition (COAST) within the University College.