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Good morning Anchor Islanders! 

It’s hard to believe, but we are already looking towards the Spring 2021 semester.  TAMU-CC anticipates posting the course schedule online on Monday, October 12 and opening registration on Monday, October 26.

Due to the health and safety measures already in place, Anchor program advisors will be meeting with students virtually.  All advising appointments will take place via WebEx or phone appointments.  Anchor program advisors will not be holding walk-in hours.  You can schedule an appointment through the Anchor online appointment scheduler, TimeTap (  Please don’t wait until the last minute to book your appointments because your Anchor program advisor’s time slots will fill quickly! 

This is an extremely busy time of year for the Anchor program advisors and their schedules will be booked with appointments back to back; they will not be able to fit students in on an emergency basis.  Please plan ahead.  One of the ways you can do this is by reviewing the helpful videos on the link below:


We look forward to helping you plan your next semester with us on the Island!


Dr. Rachel Kirk

Program Manager, Anchor

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Islander Navigation

TAMU-CC employees understand that adjusting to life on a university campus can be difficult at times.  As TAMU-CC strives to assist all students in successfully navigating their educational pathway, a requirement of the Supervised Independent Living Program at TAMUCC is participation in the Islander Navigation Program. The purpose of Islander Navigation is to help students develop practical life skills that are necessary to thrive as a student at TAMUCC and to succeed in the workplace after graduation. Participants in Islander Navigation will meet weekly throughout the student’s first year at TAMUCC. The student is expected to build their class schedule around the time that is required to meet for Islander Navigation Program. Islander Navigation is designed to provide topic based sessions and support for the students. Every session is expected to last 50 minutes.


The topic-based aspects of the sessions have the following goals:

  • Learning to effectively integrate into the TAMUCC community academically, socially, emotionally, and mentally.
  • Learning practical skills to live independently
  • Learning  time management and study habits.
  • Learning healthy relationship habits, including interpersonal communication skills, conflict resolution skills, using community resources, and establishing permanent relationships with caring adults.
  • Learning how to effectively plan for the future by goal setting and forming a personal identity.


The support aspects of the sessions have the following goals:

  • Building a group dynamic that allows the student to safely discuss and support other students regarding topics related to transitioning out of foster care and into Independent Supervised Living.
  • Discussing content and encouraging participants' peers based on the struggles from individual students' recent life events.
  • Learning to address personal and interpersonal issues as they arise with healthy coping skills.
  • Connecting the student to individualized resources relevant to their individual needs.


 Fall 2020

Students can schedule individual check-ins once per month at: 

All meetings will be held via WebEx (


Tuesday October 27 – Virtual Pumpkin Carving (WebEx) – 5p

  Please let Jessica know by October 26 at 12pm if you plan on participating so that she can get you a pumpkin!


Spring 2020

Fridays: 2p-3p

All meeting will be via WebEx.


January 24, 2020:
Reviewed updated terms and conditions.  Discussed some changes for this semester, as well as upcoming events on campus. 

January 24th Islander Navigation

Homework: There will be NO FRIDAY MEETING on 1/31/2020.  If you have not scheduled an appointment with Jessica, please do so ASAP.  Next meeting will be Friday February 7.  You MUST schedule an individual meeting this week.

Next Meeting:  Individual Meetings – Sign Terms and Conditions/Establish Individual Goals

February 7, 2020:
Discussed the importance of voting.  

Homework: If anyone is interested in registering to vote, or has questions about how to vote, please let me know!

Next Meeting: February 14 - Youth Leadership Council


February 14, 2020:
Youth Leadership Council - Region 11 Youth Specialist Monica Rodriguez talked with students about questions or concerns regarding foster youth's rights.  Students discussed concerns regarding their caseworkers.  

Texas Youth Connection Website:


Homework: If anyone has any questions or concerns they would like to relay to Monica, contact me for her information.

Next Meeting: February 21 - Community Mentor Event


February 21, 2020:
Community Mentor Event


Homework:  N/A

Next Meeting: February 28 – Semester Updates and Check-In


February 28, 2020:
Updates – Please visit the food pantry if needed for some extra food over spring break!  Consider starting to stock up for summer as well!! 

March Meetings – Friday March 6

                             Saturday March 21 (Community Mentor Event)

                             Friday March 27

There is no meeting Friday March 14! (Spring Break)


Homework:  If you are leaving for Spring Break, I need dates you will be gone, and an address where you will be staying BEFORE YOU LEAVE!

Next Meeting:  March 6 – Filing your income taxes


March 6, 2020:

Filing Your Income Taxes

If you have questions or need assistance, I have the contact information for Jamey or you can look on the IRS website:

Find a location to get your taxes done for free here:


Homework:  File Your Taxes!!  (Must be done by April 15)

Next Meeting:  March 14 – No Meeting – Spring Break

                        March 21 (Saturday) – Community Mentor Event


March 21, 2020: Community Mentor Event - Cancelled

March 27, 2020:
Meetings for the rest of the semester will be WebEx meetings.  Each week, you will need to schedule an individual WebEx advising meeting.  You can do so at the following website:

Homework:  Schedule appointment for this week.

Next Meeting:  Week of March 30 – April 3.

 Fall 2019

Fridays, 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Faculty Center, 147


August 30, 2019:

HOMEWORK: Complete weekly planner.    Makes sure to Include time every day for items such as waking up and getting ready.  Remember, this includes a lot of little steps that can eat up time, such as taking a shower (washing body and hair), brushing and flossing your teeth, putting on deodorant, putting on clean clothes and eating breakfast.  Make sure you allow enough time to wake up and get ready.  Also include going to class, travel time to and from class, study time, mealtimes, times to clean your apartment, do laundry, etc

                               GROUP RULES:

  1. Don’t speak over people
  2. Pay attention (no cell phones, laptops or distractions)
  3. Respect others
  4. No judgement
  5. Be mindful of your language


PowerPoint Presentation

Sample Weekly Planner

Sample Terms and Conditions


September 6, 2019:

HOMEWORK: Text Dr. Kirk or Jessica Spahr your weekly planner or photo of your weekly planner; text Dr. Kirk or Jessica Spahr if you are allergic to any foods and your favorite desserts

RTA Bus Basics


September 13, 2019:

 HOMEWORK: Please contact Jessica Spahr to set up a meeting this week to get goals established.  Don’t forget the next meeting (September 20 at 2:00p) will be at the President’s Office. 

Bank On It Pretest


September 20, 2019:

 Homework:  None!

 Don’t forget!!  The Potluck Dinner is at Momentum on Thursday 9/26 at 5:30p.  Next meeting 9/27 in FC 147 at 2:00 pm.


September 27, 2019:

Homework: Meet with Jessica by October 11 to work on individual goals. Let me know of anything you may need from the Foster Angels and I will forward them to Hilary.

Next meeting will be 10/4 at CASA at 2 pm.


October 4, 2019:

Homework: Make contact with your mentor at CASA.

Next meeting will be 10/11 at 2pm in Bay Hall 359. 


October 11, 2019:

Homework: None

Next meeting will be 10/18 at 2pm in FC 139.

Study Skills and Testing Skills


October 25, 2019:
Today's meeting reviewed the TAMU-CC student demographics, the United States college demographics, myths about college students, how we see ourselves and how others may perceive us. 

Homework: None

Inclusive Islander Network Participant Pledge
Identity Chart


November 1, 2019:
Meeting reviewed mindfulness and stress management techniques.

Homework: Please let Jessica know by the end of the week (11/8/19) what your Thanksgiving plans are if you are traveling.  (Date you are leaving, date you are returning, address whare you will be staying).

Taking Charge of Stress
Body Hacks for Traumatic Stress Management
UCC's Favorite Self Help Apps


November 8, 2019:
Students toured iCreate Lab in the Library.

Homework: Please let Jessca know by the end of the week what your Thanksgiving plans are if you are traveling. (Date you are leaving, date you are returning, address where you will be staying).


November 15, 2019:
Meeting reviewed important information for the end of the semester (future meetings, dining hall hours through the end of the semester, plans for Thanksgiving).

Homework: Please let Jessca know by the end of the week what your Thanksgiving plans are if you are traveling. (Date you are leaving, date you are returning, address where you will be staying).

Anchor Team/island-harbor/nov-15-islander-navigation.pdf


November 22, 2019:
Meeting reviewed PAL benfits and what different programs the students are eligible for.

Homework: Please let Jessca know by the end of the week what your Thanksgiving plans are if you are traveling. (Date you are leaving, date you are returning, address where you will be staying).

Anchor Team/island-harbor/pal-packet.pdf


November 27, 2019:
Made some pies and dimplings!

Crust recipe

Key Lime recipe