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Early Childhood Education

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science (B.A.A.S.)

The BAAS Early Childhood Education track is designed for students who are, or wish to become, child-care providers and seek additional qualifications. In the state of Texas, it is not necessary to hold a bachelor’s degree to be child-care worker in a day care setting. However, if you wish to provide care for more than 6 children in your home, or if you wish to be a Director of a licensed child care center, one of the minimal education requirements is a bachelor’s degree with 12 college credit hours in child development and 6 college credit hours in management. The BAAS Early Childhood Education track provides the opportunity to not only receive a bachelor’s degree and fulfill the child development requirement, but it has enough room in electives that a student can easily add in the management courses as well. In addition, all licensed child-care centers must provide their workers with annual professional development in child growth and development, age appropriate curriculum, and serving children with special needs. With a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, students can explore becoming a trainer and leading workshops for child-care centers.


B.A.A.S. students in the Childhood Development/Early Childhood Education track will be required to complete the course requirements listed on their degree plan.  Students must meet with the B.A.A.S. advisor to obtain an official degree plan and determine which previously completed courses are eligible to transfer.

Childhood Development/Early Childhood Education Degree Plan


BAAS Academic Advisor Contact Information:

Shannon Chambers
Office: Faculty Center 148
Phone: (361) 825.5931