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Technical Communication

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science (B.A.A.S.)


The BAAS Technical Communication track is designed for students who seek preparation for careers that demand excellent communication skills such as a working as an editor, writing technical manuals for companies, providing text for social media pages, or promoting a company’s message. The written word continues to be prevalent in today’s society. There are 4.1 billion Internet users in the world today, with over 5 billion Google searches a day. While print newspapers continue to decline, digital news is on the rise; 1 in 5 readers turn to social media for their news rather than an online version of a traditional newspaper and there are approximately 2.77 billion people using social media.




B.A.A.S. students in the Technical Communication track will be required to complete the course requirements listed on their degree plan.  Students must meet with the B.A.A.S. advisor to obtain an official degree plan and determine which previously completed courses are eligible to transfer.

Technical Communication Degree Plan


BAAS Academic Advisor Contact Information:

Shannon Chambers
Office: Faculty Center 148
Phone: (361) 825.5931