Fall 2019 Week 1 Reminders

Posted: August 27, 2019 12:00:00 AM CDT

Welcome back, First-Year Seminar Faculty! 

We hope your first two days of class went off without a hitch! The following blog post should keep you informed on what we need from you before close of business on Friday, August 30!



Syllabi, Office Hours, Website Link, and Updated CV

Please send an email to ucoll.admin@tamucc.edu and learning.communities@tamucc.edu that contains the following:

  1. Syllabi (in Word format) for each section of Seminar
  2. An updated CV
  3. Your office hours (and location, if not in FC)
  4. Your course website link


Team Integration Plans (TIPs)

If you haven’t already, please submit a scanned or electronic copy of a completed Team Integration Plan for your learning community to learning.communities@tamucc.edu


Destination Graduation | Academic Advising Integration

Each LC has been assigned 1-3 academic advisors who will serve as direct contacts for any general questions you or your students might have regarding academic advising. LC Team Coordinators: Please reach out to your assigned academic advisors within the next week to coordinate visits to the Seminar classes when it makes most sense for your students. 


Ideally First-Year Seminar faculty and advisors will design visits together so they are integrated with what’s going on in the courses. Depending on the timeframe of the visit, some possible discussion topics could include the importance/purpose of academic advising, understanding DegreePlanner and the online catalog, dropping/retaking classes, and general academic policies (satisfactory academic progress, probation/suspension, etc). We hope to learn a lot from all of you this year to help continue to strengthen our partnerships with academic advising, so feel free to share any ideas or success stories you might have to the First-Year Seminar instructor listserv (fysi-list@listserv.tamucc.edu)      


Faculty Book Club

Please sign up on the Center for Faculty Excellence website by Friday, August 30 to join our book club!


Seminar Talk: Library Integration | Friday, September 6 from 2:00pm-3:30pm in BH 207

Be on the lookout for a calendar invite to the first Seminar Talk of the fall semester. The Bell Librarians will be joining us to talk about the best ways to plan for collaborative library instruction sessions.



By: Rita Sperry & Chelsie Hawkinson

Category: Coordinator Updates