Midterm FYLCP & FYS Coordinator Announcements and Reminders

Posted: October 15, 2019 12:00:00 PM CDT

The semester is nearly halfway over! As we enter Week 8, there are several announcements and reminders that we want to ensure that everyone receives. Please let us know if you have questions about any of the items below. 






1. Spring 2020 Seminar Teaching Preferences Survey 

The Spring 2020 FYLCP schedule is now live to students! We would like to know your teaching preferences so we can provide preliminary teaching assignments by the end of the month. Please complete this survey to let us know your First-Year Seminar teaching preferences for Spring 2020, or to let us know that you will not be returning to teach First-Year Seminar next semester. Deadline: Monday, October 21 by 5pm 


2. October 18 Seminar Talk: Career Services and DUGS Department Meeting  

Plan to attend the next Seminar Talk to explore ways to integrate Career Services into your First-Year Seminar course. Leslie Mills will provide an overview of some of the most relevant services for first-year students. She will also discuss how the First-Year Seminar outcome of Learning to Learn (or Lifelong Learning) ties into the Marketable Skills campaign. Finally, we will discuss and adjust the AAC&U Lifelong Learning rubric. A copy of the Lifelong Learning rubric was placed in your mailbox in the DUGS kitchen for your review before the event. Bring discussion points and final reflection assignment ideas to share. See you in Bay Hall 207 at 2pm on Friday, October 18.  

The DUGS Faculty Meeting will follow at 3:30pm in BH 207. While full-time faculty are expected to attend, adjuncts and GTAs are always welcome to join us!  


3. Midterm Learning Community Outcome Updates 

Team Facilitators, please take some time in one of your upcoming LC team meetings to review the LC goals that you established during your initiaplanning retreatHow is your team doing at achieving the goals you set out for yourself in August? (What are you doing well? What could you be doing better?) After your discussion, please enter a summary of your findings hereDeadlineFriday, November 1 


4. Midterm Grades (October 16-30) 

The Midterm Grading Cycle will open on October 16 and will close at 5pm on Wednesday, October 30. Please report midterm grades by the deadline for your classes and explain to your students how the grades were determined. Continue to report students who have never attended as ‘NA’ and students who have stopped attending as ‘SA.’ Posting midterm grades continues to be a requirement for ALL TAMU-CC faculty members who work with undergraduate students. 


5. November 1 Seminar Talk: First-Year Symposium 

Plan to attend the final Seminar Talk of the semester that will focus on everything First-Year Symposium related. We will discuss how to best assesstudent work before and after the event to planning breaks for yourself throughout the day. Experienced faculty are invited to share their tips and tricks with our newest faculty. See you in Bay Hall 207 at 2pm on Friday, November 1. 


6. November 8: Drop Date 

November 8th is the last day to drop a course within the Fall 2019 semester. Please remind your students and reach out to any students are struggling in your class to let them know their options. 

Let us know if you have any questions! 

Rita & Chelsie 


By: Dr. Rita Sperry and Dr. Chelsie Hawkinson

Category: Coordinator Updates