Spring 2020 Registration: Advice from an Advisor

Posted: October 15, 2019 12:00:00 PM CDT

Registration for spring 2020 is right around the corner! The spring 2020 schedule will be available to view online beginning October 14th and registration will open the last week of October.













Registration Schedule

Monday October 28th- Graduate (Doctoral, Master) & Special Populations
Tuesday October 29th- Post-Baccalaureate & Seniors (90+ credit hours)
Wednesday October 30th- Juniors (60-89 credit hours)
Thursday October 31st- Sophomores (30-59 credit hours)
Friday November 1st- Freshman (0-29 credit hours)

Registration Holds

In order to prevent a delay in registration, please remind your students to check their SAIL account for holds ASAP. To check holds:

  1. Go to http://sail.tamucc.edu/ and login
  2. Click “Student” link
  3. Click “Student Records” link
  4. Click “View Holds”

Students will need to contact the office or department that placed the hold to find out more information on how to get it lifted. Common registration holds include:

  • Final Transcript hold- contact the Office of Admissions and Records (361-825-7024)
  • Bursar/Business Office hold- contact the Business Office (361-825-2600 Opt. 5)
  • CASA/TSI hold- contact CASA (361-825-5933)

Frequently Asked Advising Questions Videos

You can find videos that will walk you through the process of building a schedule, registering, and more FAQs related to Advising at https://ucoll.tamucc.edu/academic_advising.html 

Scheduling Advising Appointments

Ideally every student would meet with their advisor at least once a semester. Please encourage your students to schedule appointments early in the semester during non-peak times. Academic Advising appointments can be scheduled online at https://ucoll.tamucc.edu/academic_advising.html

Students can prepare for their advising appointment by:

  • Reading the 2019-2020 Catalog sections that pertain to their major(s) and/or minor(s)
  • Checking their DegreePlanner audit
  • Bringing a tentative spring 2020 schedule and list of questions with them to their appointment

15 to Finish

Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits each long semester (fall or spring) to be considered a full-time student. However, only enrolling in 24 credits during each academic year will automatically put them on a 5-year plan to earn their bachelor’s degree. In order to graduate on time, most students need to enroll in at least 15 credits per long semester or 30 credits per year if they plan to enroll in summer classes.

Schedule Planning and Registration Checklist

  • One: Check your holds
    1. Go to SAIL.TAMUCC.EDU
    2. Login to SAIL à click Student à Click Student Records à click View Holds
    3. Take care of any holds prior to registration opening
  • Two: Check your online degree plan to see what courses you still need
    1. Login to http://degreeplanner.tamucc.edu/
    2. Use the same login credentials as you do for SAIL/Blackboard
  • Three: Select your learning community if applicable (required for full-time first year students)
    1. Go to https://fylcp.tamucc.edu/
    2. Use links on the left side to find recommended learning community options
    3. Select your learning community and write down CRNs

Courses in learning communities are organized into prearranged co-requisites blocks and cannot be separated

  • Four: Look up stand-alone courses to complete your schedule
    1. Go to online course schedule: http://banner.tamucc.edu/schedule/
    2. Select term “Spring 2020 Full Term”
    3. Select course subject (MATH, POLS, PSYC, etc.)
    4. Click View
    5. Find your class (Ex. PSYC 2301) and write down CRNs located in the first column

Make sure you read the notes section for information about linked courses and pre-requisites. If the available (MAX) seats section is red, that course is full.

  • Five: Create a tentative schedule to bring with you to your advising appointment
  • Six: Register for Classes
    1. Login to SAIL à Click Student àClick Registration à Select Term à Select Spring 2020 then click Submit à Click Add or Drop Classes
    2. Enter the CRNs for the courses you selected
    3. Click “Submit Changes”
  • Seven: Make payment arrangements by the tuition deadline for Spring 2020

By: Cari Loeffler

Category: Best Practices