FYLCP Assessment, Fall 2019 Edition

Posted: November 20, 2019 12:00:00 AM CST

Dear Colleagues, 

It’s time to think about assessment! The FYLCP Assessment Committee requests your assistance in two projects this fall. 


Fall 2019 FYLCP Survey 


First, please help us administer the Fall 2019 FYLCP Survey. Feedback from this survey is vital to the assessment and continuous improvement of our program and we hope you will support us in gathering data. Ways to increase student completion rates of the survey might include providing class time for completion, offering extra credit if a certain percentage of learning community students complete the survey, or getting all learning community faculty to remind students to complete the survey. Matt Tedrow or Chelsie Hawkinson can run reports from Qualtrics at any point to share with teams about how many students have completed the survey from their learning communities. The survey link will remain open through Friday, December 6. 


Here is the survey link: https://tamucc.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_79cO62KPbywbOyF 


Lifelong Learning VALUE Rubric Assessment 

In addition, we have been tasked with assessing how well and to what extent our first-year students are adopting the habits of mind, dispositions, and skills that are representative of lifelong learning. In order to have a productive assessment process, we are going to need your support and help. We worked together to revise the Lifelong Learning rubric during a Seminar Talk this semester. The final draft can be found here 

Building on our experiences from previous semesters with assessment, this semester, we are introducing some changes to the protocols for collecting and assessing student work.  In developing these changes, we had two goals in mind: 1) making the overall process more efficient and less labor intensive and 2) providing more opportunities for faculty to be involved in the assessment process.  


Here’s what we need in a nutshell: 

  • 2 samples of student work per section for every First-Year Seminar section you are teaching for Fall 2019. We will start accepting submissions immediately.  
  • The sample submission due date has been set for Dec. 12th by the end of the day. 
  • Your cooperation in identifying and/or creating assignments that provide students with rich opportunities for reflecting about their relationship with learning. 
  • Your participation in a comprehensive norming session. This meeting is slated for Dec. 6th from 10-12 in OCNR 115. Dr. Sperry has already sent out an email and calendar invite for this event.  
  • Your help with actually assessing student samples with our Qualtrics Survey.  This semester we would like everyone to participate in the assessment of student work. Instead of having a centralized “assessment party,” we are opting to let faculty do their assessing on their own time and place. Full faculty buy-in to the assessment process makes sense: 
    • More assessors means that everyone will have a smaller workload.  This will cut down on assessment fatigue. Your assessment load will be determined by the number of sections you teach. For instance, if you teach 5 sections, you will need to assess a total of 10 student samples. 
    • Participating in this assessment process can be a valuable way to learn about the craft of evaluating and assessing both assignments and student work and to gain a better understanding of the institutional goals of higher education. In sum, it is an excellent opportunity for professional development. 
  • Your assessment work should be completed by Jan 10th.   
    • Mark your calendars for Friday, January 10th from 11-1 (or however long it takes) to attend a pizza party in the DUGS office suites for last minute scoring. Be on the lookout to RSVP to this event for an accurate count for catering! 

Choosing Work to Submit  

Please choose projects or assignments that demonstrate students using the skills and dispositions of lifelong learning: curiosity, persistence, responsibility, transfer, and reflection. Reflections and integrated/shared assignments might be your best bet! 


Submission Details  

  • For each First-Year Seminar section you taught, please use the 5th and 16th students on your roster (as a way to randomize the collection and to prevent our selecting only the “best”).  If you run into problems with getting samples from the 5th or 16th, take work from students who come directly after the 5th or 16th.  
  • Redact and remove any and all identifying language about the student identity. If your samples are .pdfs, you will need to take time to do a little extra work. You will need to print your samples out, redact the info with a sharpie, scan, and then submit this version! 
  • Upload your sample files to the Lifelong Learning assessment folder in OneDrive. Joe has already sent you the OneDrive link, which can also be found here.  Each seminar instructor has a personal folder to house samples. Please upload the appropriate number of samples before Thursday, December 12th by 5pm. 
  • Here is the protocol for naming each file:  

Format for File Name  


Your last name_section #_Sample 1 


Your last name_section #_Sample 2 



Please follow the protocol for naming the file.  



We will further elaborate on the next steps for evaluating student work with the Lifelong Learning VALUE rubric and Qualtrics Survey during the end of semester department meeting from 10-12 on Friday, December 6. If you are unable to attend the meeting, please make arrangements to visit with Chimene or Chelsie for help with norming the rubric.  

Thank you for the great work you do all semester long in guiding students along the path of lifelong learning! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  


Chimene Burnett & Chelsie Hawkinson, on behalf of the assessment committee   


By: Chimene Burnett & Chelsie Hawkinson

Category: Best Practices