Friday, April 10 Updates: First-Year Seminar Faculty

Posted: April 10, 2020 12:00:00 AM CDT

Students on Academic Probation 
  • Students on academic probation can take summer courses, but likely will have to pay out of pocket (due to financial aid suspension rules) 
  • We are still waiting on a decision to be made about whether or not students will be placed on academic suspension – will update as soon as we have information to share! 

Pass/No Pass 
  • Faculty will not know if a student applied for Pass/NoPass for their course. 
  • College Station will accept Pass/NoPass credits for PSA students, but likely only for students who had 3.0+ GPAs last semester. If the student had less than a 3.0 last semester, credit will be determined on an individual basis.  
  • A list of eligible courses for Pass/NoPass being created by Registrar’s Office. We will distribute a copy once it’s final. 
  • Other options for students to consider: 
    • Drop – by April 17 (6-drop rule suspended for Spring 2020)
    • Withdraw (from the semester) – by May 5th
    • Incomplete – must qualify and at the discretion of individual instructors 
Spring 2020 Student Course Evaluations 
  • Spring 2020 course evaluations will still happen 
  • Course evaluations for classes that were originally face-to-face that went online will NOT be used in the annual evaluation process for faculty 
FYLCP Assessment 
  • FYLCP Survey will go live Friday, April 17 
  • Integrative Learning VALUE Rubric assessment postponed until Spring 2021 
Summer I Class Schedule in SAIL 
  • Most courses will be online (besides specialized labs/practicums of 9 or fewer), but some may be synchronous. The schedule on SAIL will be updated over the next few weeks to reflect synchronous options. 
Islander Launch 
  • Will be going online for ALL of Summer 2020 
  • Dates will remain to space out registration/advising 
  • First Wave Friday attendance will be “included” in as part of Islander Launch registration/fee. 
  • We are exploring opportunities for faculty support of Launch in the summer and will keep you posted! 
FYI Virtual Conference Showcase 
  • Online showcase to celebrate the work of ALL of our FY students!  
  • Stayed tuned for updates to be sent out on Monday, April 13. 
  • Seminar Talk on Friday, 4/17 @ noon  
Curriculum Committee 
  • University College Curriculum Committee is currently reviewing UC Catalog changes (BAAS, Honors) for 2021-2021 catalog (Sean Britt, Matt Tedrow, Jennifer Simpson) 
  • Full-time faculty will vote to approve changes later this month 

Need help with Blackboard? 
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By: Dr. Chelsie Hawkinson & Dr. Rita Sperry

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