First-Year Islander Virtual Conference Showcase Updates

Posted: April 13, 2020 12:00:00 AM CDT

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The following blog is intended to clarify questions and provide instructions on how to contribute to the First-Year Islander Virtual Conference Showcase. Please direct your questions about the conference to Kellie Jarvis. 

The FYI Virtual Conference Showcase will be an online showplace for student work finalizing the spring 2020 semester. The goal of the FYI Virtual Conference Showcase is to celebrate the integrative work of our students, but also give students a larger audience for their work. 


All first-year students are invited to include their work in this project. Each learning community will have their own page on FYI Virtual Conference website that will include a brief description of the learning community and the projects being shared, as well as a listing (in table format) of student names, project titles, and a link to the project. Freestanding English classes who are interested in showcasing their work should reach out to Joe Velasquez (jose.velasquez@tamucc.eduso he can create a template folder and a link on the live website for each individual course. 


This is not competitive and there will not be any type of judging or review of student work showcased in this forum. Students are not and should not be required to participate. In fairness to all students, especially during an exceptionally stressful and uncertain time, there should not be extra-credit or other incentives for participation.  


Learning community participation expectations. It is up to each learning community to determine participation. At the very least, learning communities could provide descriptive text about the overall purpose of the learning community for Spring 2020 on their webpage. For those learning communities who feel comfortable sharing student work, include it. If teams would rather not publish a webpage about their Spring 2020 learning community, please contact Kellie Jarvis. 


Each learning community may decide what type of work to include in their individual page within the website. You are the best advocates for your students and your learning community. You may decide what best represents your students integrative experiences this semester.  


Student Participation. There are a couple of ways to encourage student participation. One way is to include them all and let them to decide to opt out. Another way is to ask them if they want to participate. Either way, be sure to gain student permission to display their work for the showcase. 


Submitting Student Work. A folder in One Drive was created for each learning communityThe folder includes a basic structure and guide to help you add information and student work in a way that doesn’t take a lot of time. Please do not share this folder with your students. Instead, create a separate folder if you want to use One Drive to collect work from your students and move their work to your learning community template folder. 


Learning Community Webpage Draft Folders. Learning Community Team Coordinators should take the lead on organizing content for the Virtual Conference Showcase. Follow the link for access to the learning community folders. Begin with the folder and document titled ¡¡¡START HERE!!! to learn more about how to update your learning community’s webpage. 


Link to All learning community template folders 

Link to ¡¡¡START HERE!!! folder 


Transfer to Online Website. Once the webpage template and individual student projects are submitted into folders in One Drive, Joe will migrate them to the webpages created for each LC. LC team coordinators should gather LC project information and project listings for the One Drive folder for their LC. 


The First-Year Islander Virtual Conference Showcase will go live on ThursdayMay 15th. 

  • Learning community webpage content should be ready no later than Friday, May 8
  • Updates to student work/links can be adjusted until Tuesday, May 12

This process is brand new so we expect some kinks and appreciate your feedback in helping make this a valuable and achievable experience. Overall, we are excited about the possibilities of the FYI Virtual Conference Showcase. We look forward to seeing what we are able to develop to show our campus community how proud we are of the work our students do. 



By: The FYI Virtual Conference Showcase Committee

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