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Posted: August 25, 2020 12:00:00 AM CDT

“Island Time” is a podcast not just for instructors but also for students at TAMU-CC that shines a light on the inner working of the campus and the lives of teachers. Listeners will learn about campus resources, learning communities, various classes offered, majors, and receive advice from teachers and current and former students. Join us for good conversations, tips, and a laugh.

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Podcast #7: 10/15/2020 | 43 min
Join us as we get to know Dr. Val and learn more about how he came to be professor at TAMU-CC and get a preview of the GEOL LC that is being offered in the Spring.

Podcast #7: 10/15/2020 | 50 min



Two amazing facilities that have so much to offer our students during this unique time.

Podcast #6: 10/8/2020 | 51 min
Join us in talking about the upcoming semester in a learning community with both History and TX Politics and in getting to know these professors better. Our first livestream interview!

Podcast #5: 9/11/2020 | 45 min
Join us in learning more about Hispanic Heritage Month with Andrea Montalvo and Amanda Marquez, who is the Keynote.

Podcast #4: 9/2/2020 | 31 min
We learn everything the library has to offer & trust me, it's a lot! Emily shares how the library is helping out classes, how they can help students with their research, and all the cool things they have to offer for entertainment such as DVDs and video streaming. So join us and find out why the library is a really cool campus resource to have!
Library Databases / Streaming Access:

Podcast #3: 9/2/2020 | 31 min
Anthony is a supplemental instructor that joins us in promoting SI & shows us how much fun & benefiting it can be to attend. He shares how much they care & how much they want to help guide students to perform their best in courses. Learn more about how SI is being conducted this semester & how sessions are conducted. FMI click here

Podcast #2: 8/19/2020 | 40 min

"If you're having writing struggles, go to Ms. Ruggles"

Kristen Ruggles from the Writing Center joins us to tell us all the amazing things they can help students with along with informing us of the changes made because of Covid.


Podcast #1: 8/11/2020 | 40 min
Professor Simpson and Ms. Watts introduce themselves to their audience in this first episode of "Island Time".

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