Student Accomplishments

Recent Accomplishments

Honors student Vincent Nguyen presented his research project "Real-time Eye Tracking for Password Authentication" at the 2018 IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics in Las Vegas, NV

Honors students in HONR 1101, a freshmen seminar course, participated in TAMU-CC's Fall 2017 First Year Symposium. They spoke with other students and faculty about what it meant to be an involved Honors student

A select group of Honors students showcased their travel/course contract experiences at the Fall 2017 Honors Student Symposium

Honors student Vincent Nguyen presented his research "Hands-off PIN Identification using Eye Tracking" at the Texas A&M University System's 14th Annual Pathways Symposium and won second place in the Undergraduate Engineering and Computer Science category

Vincent is seen on the far left, sitting with fellow students at the Symposium.

Honors Student Hailey Chapman attended the 2017 HENAAC Conference hosted by Great Minds in STEM in Pasadena, California, all expenses paid

Honors Student Hailey Chapman worked as a camp counselor at the TAMUCC Women in Technology Girls Code Camp

Hailey is seen on the far right amongst the camp attendees, listening to the instructions of Dr. Seneca Holland, Camp Director and Instructor of Geographic Information Science (GISc) and Geospatial Surveying Engineering at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. 


Honors student Kelli Holt gave a poster presentation at the South Central Regional Chapter of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC)'s annual meeting at Texas Southern University


Honors student Vincent Nguyen was selected to represent TAMU-CC during Undergraduate Research Day at the State Capitol

Honors Student Assistant Emalee Keim

Honors Student Assistant,Emalee Keim, wins first runner up at the Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi Student Employee of the Year Celebration

Emalee is seen here second to the left with Dr. Don Albrecht, Vice President of Student Success (far left) and Dr. Kelly Quintanilla, President of TAMU-CC (far right).

Minh Pham Phi Kappa Phi




Honors student Minh Pham was recently initiated into Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, the nation's largest and most selective all-disciplinary honor society


Minh is seen here in the center with Dr. Bunny Forgione, Associate Dean in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences and Dr. Ted Guffy,  Provost TAMU-CC.

Scholarship Banquet


Honors students Kevin Nguyen and Vincent Nguyen attended The University of Houston-Victoria's Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference on Friday, April 14th and were the only students there to represent TAMU-CC!

Bell Library Student Authors


Honors Student Samuel Guevara was accepted into the REU Program (Research Experience for Undergraduates) on Energy and the Environment at Drexel University! 

Examples of Alumni Accomplishments