The Honors Challenge

The Honors Program proudly sets the high-bar for academic accomplishment. The requirements to earn the designation, "Graduate of the Honors Program" are thus individually significant, but relatively few. In order to graduate from the Honors Program at TAMU-CC and receive an Honors designation on the diploma, students have broad discretion over the kinds of curricular, research, and service learning experiences they can explore in order to meet our program requirements.
The minimum requirements to remain in good standing and complete the Honors Program are as follows. Please realize that Honors has an intentional curriculum. We want you to develop into successful leaders at the university and in our community and help you tailor your intellectual experience to develop the marketable skills necessary to succeed in graduate school or the workforce upon graduation. We give you great discretion on twelve hours, but the first six seminars focus on developing these skills as below, with integrated components from Career Services throughout.
Required courses (6 student credit hours)

HONR 1101 - Honors Campus Leadership Seminar: 

Students learn how the university functions, get involved in the Honors community, develop the ability to work in groups, meet with administrators, and create a final project that offers practical solutions to solving problems on campus. Students are also assigned to a group with one of our Peer Mentors through the process.

HONR 1102 - Honors Community Leadership Seminar: 

Each week students have an interactive session with a diverse set of leaders in our community from the business, government, politics, and non-profit sectors. Speakers are invited via Honors in conjunction with the President's Office and Institutional Advancement. These are role models and the common thread is how they have lived, grown, and become successful in our community.

HONR 2101 - Honors Experience Seminar:

You will plan your Honors experience in the course including your courses, internships, applied experiences, and thinking ahead to your Project of Excellence (POE).

HONR 3101 - Project of Excellence Seminar I

In this course you secure a mentor and develop a proposal draft of your POE.

HONR 4101 - Project of Excellence Seminar II:

In this course you work with your mentor and the Director on the front-end of your POE.

HONR 4102 - Project of Excellence Seminar III:

In this course you work with your mentor and the Director to complete a paper copy of your POE and presentation for Symposium prior to graduation.

Elective Honors Courses (12 student credit hours)
Students are encouraged to take elective Honors courses that relate to their field(s) of study. This is your opportunity to tailor the curriculum to your needs.  This requirement can be met at the upper-division level, or through experiential courses, such as HONR 4396 Honors Directed Independent Study, HONR 4397 Honors Internship, HONR 4398 Honors Applied Experience, meaning students are often able to meet curricular requirements here without adding twelve hours to their degree plan. Students are expected to take the Honors Seminar courses in sequence as they progress through their academic studies.
Further Program Requirements
  • Successfully complete and publicly defend an original research project: The Project of Excellence (POE)
  • Attend at least one professional conference or participate in a study abroad activity
  • Engage in sufficient service activities as determined by the Director and Program Coordinator, in consultation with the Honors Student Association.
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher in all coursework and 3.0 in all Honors courses
  • Meet with the Honors Program Coordinator each semester for advising
  • Maintain enrollment and active participation in the Program for at least four continuous long semesters
  • Students not remaining in good standing over two continuous semesters either through grades, enrollment, or participation can be asked to leave the Program at the discretion of the Director and Program Coordinator.


The decision to apply to the Honors Program should not be taken lightly. Please review the pages below so as to make a fully-informed decision. Should you have any questions or seek clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Application Deadlines:

December 1st for current TAMU-CC and transfer students that would like to join in Spring 2021.

June 18th for current high school seniors, TAMU-CC students, or transfer students that would like to join in Fall 2021.

For current high school seniors we would love to invite you to apply to our Program if you meet the minimum conditions below:

3.25 GPA equivalent or top 15% of high school class, plus one of the following:

  • 26 or greater ACT Composite or
  • 1,200 or greater SAT Score (math + critical thinking)

For current TAMU-CC and transfer students we require an overall GPA of at least 3.5 and no less than 24 transferrable hours. Students applying for Fall 2020 do not need to have 24 hours completed by their application date; they only need complete those hours by the start of the fall term.

Once you are accepted to TAMU-CC please click below to complete our follow-up application. We will typically render a decision to you via email within a few weeks.


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