Funding your Honors Experience

Merit-based support for your Honors education comes in three forms:

 1. Honors Scholarships:

The Honors Program awards freshmen scholarships to all new students that are accepted and stay in good standing for four consecutive years. We also have a scholarship pool for sophomores, juniors, and seniors, as well as summer scholarships, study abroad scholarships, travel funding, and Rec Sports.

When you apply and are accepted by Honors you will receive correspondence with something like this below that conveys our typical funding available the last three academic years over your lifecycle as an Honors student:

Funding Source Amount
Honors First-Year Scholarship $4,000
Honors Scholarship Pool $8,000
Honors Study Abroad Scholarship $4,000
Honors Rec Sports Fund $1,000
Honors Travel Fund $4,000

Total Possible Award*









*Honors First-Year Scholarships are guaranteed for those that meet good standing requirements. Other scholarships from Honors are not guaranteed but represent the typical funds available to an Honors student in good standing over the past few three years from various Program funding sources that would be available over a four-year lifecycle.
  2. Institutional Scholarships

If you qualify for entry into Honors, you will qualify for Institutional Scholarships from TAMU-CC. You must complete your ApplyTexas application by December 1. These are merit-based scholarships the university funds with its own dollars to attract outstanding freshmen and transfer students to the university and can be found here: Institutional Scholarships

If you are accepted into Honors, the Presidential Scholarship ($16,000 total award) or Achieve Scholarship ($12,000 total award) will likely be automatically awarded to you upon your acceptance to TAMU-CC as a freshman. If you are a transfer student, there are Step A & B awards ($4,000 & 2,000 annually). We work with Enrollment Management all the time to ensure our students get the most funding possible, so if you did not get an offer let us know and we can help.

  3. Endowed Scholarships 

Donors, friends, and supporters of the university give back by endowing scholarships to help students. The university matches you with various criteria. You must apply by March 1 and awards are typically distributed by late spring term: Endowed Scholarships 

We work with Institutional Advancement to find opportunities for Honors. Our students hold more endowed scholarships than any other program on campus and were awarded the following endowed scholarships this academic yearIn some instances, multiple Honors students are awarded the same scholarship: 

American Bank Endowment Scholarship 

Atkins Endowment Scholarship 

Atkins Top Scholar Scholarship  

Carl Douglas Wyatt Memorial Scholarship 

De Dominicus Scholarship 

Donald St. John Smith Scholarship 

Ennis & Virgina C. Joslin Endowment Scholarship 

Evening Post Publication Company and KRIS TV Scholarship 

John Chapman Endowed Scholarship 

Joseph and Ruth Sheinberg Scholarship 

Killebrew Scholarship Fund 

Lichtenstein Endowed Scholarship  

Lucy B. More Endowed Scholarship 

Marty Pritchett Endowment Scholarship 

Melvyn N. Klein Endowment Scholarship 

Miriam Wagenschein Scholarship 

Ruth A Campbell Endowment Scholarship 

Storm Scholarship in Business 

Wright Family Scholarship 

Albert & Myrtle Nivens Endowment Scholarship 

Bateman Family Endowment Scholarship 

Corpus Christi Human Resources Management Association Scholarship 

CITGO Scholarship 

Coleman-Wilson Hope Scholarship 

Estill Foundation Endowed Scholarship 

Ferguson Undergraduate Scholarship  

Flint Hills School in Mechanical Engineering Scholarship 

Heidi Serrao Memorial Scholarship 

Janet Harte Scholarship Endowment 

Kayla Hewitt Memorial Scholarship 

Marine Tech Society Endowment Scholarship  

Meek Lane Doss Scholarship  

Mrs. Willard Hammons Senior Scholarship 

National Association of Women in Construction Scholarship 

Nueces County Medical Society Undergraduate Scholarship 

Patricia L. Conard Endowment Scholarship 

Port of Corpus Christi Endowment Scholarship 

Smith Environmental Scholarship for Women 

Snyder Scholarship in Marine Science 

Wellhausen Quasi Endowment Scholarship