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Thank you for considering the TAMU-CC Honors Program. Have you ever felt that high school, community college, or even your current classes at TAMU-CC are not challenging you to reach your full intellectual potential? Would you like to be part of a supportive and nurturing environment that will help you find the opportunities to help you exceed your own expectations?

The Honors Program is an (18) hour plan of study that works with your major to provide life-changing opportunities that help you challenge yourself beyond your own expectations. Our incoming class is limited to about 50 students, all of which get to benefit from our experiential education model that emphasizes three pillars of educational and intellectual development: undergraduate research and creative activity, study abroad and travel, and service. All incoming students receive academic scholarships, Honors-only classes, the opportunity to live and study in a safe and supportive environment in our Honors Residence Hall, and all of the other benefits of a highly selective university.

If you are interested in becoming part of our community, we encourage you to click on "How do I Apply" at the bottom of this page or reach out to us for more information at:


Our Best,

Dr. Ozymy and Mrs. Evans

 Caretakers of the Honors Program

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